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MicroBT M40 410 TH/S Microbt Whatsminer M40

  • Hashrate: 410Th/s, a variation of ± 5% is expected
  • Chips: 7 NM
  • Power Consumption: 3470W ± 10%



MicroBT M40 410 TH/S Microbt Whatsminer M40

MicroBT Whatsminer M40, M40 delivers ( 410 Th/s ) Terahashes per second for a power consumption of 3470W.

  • Hashrate: 410Th/s, a variation of ± 5% is expected
  • Chips: 7 NM
  • Power Consumption: 3470W ± 10%

The most popular miner is now even better; MicroBT M40 mines the SHA-256 algorithm with a powerful hashrate of 410 Th/s at only a power consumption of 3470W.

MicroBT M40 Profit Calculator

Model M40S
Release In Stock
Size 130 x 220 x 390mm
Weight 13.58 KG
Hashrate 410 Th/s
Chip size 7NM
Noise level 65 Decibels (DB)
Power line IEC C19, 16A
Power 3470W
Voltage Automatic Power Supply can run on any input voltages, including 110V, 120V, 230V, 220V, 240V, 115V, and 127V.


Dimensions 298mm*178mm*296mm
Networking Connection Ethernet
Generation 10th Generation ASIC Bitcoin Miner
Working Temperature -5°C to 45°C max

104° Degrees Fahrenheit.

Video Reference

MicroBT M40.mp4 from Microelectronics on Vimeo.


We are introducing the MicroBT M40 410 TH/S, a game-changing mining device for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Explore these powerful revolutionary features and outstanding performance as we explore the revolution. Learn how it increases the speed of Bitcoin mining to maximize your productivity and earnings. With the MicroBT M40’s cutting-edge technology and exceptional processing capability, your mining endeavors will reach new heights. Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure into fast Bitcoin mining.

The Rise of High-Speed Bitcoin Mining Machines

Find out how fast Bitcoin mining equipment development has transformed the sector. We examine these cutting-edge technologies’ salient characteristics and advantages, such as their processing strength, energy effectiveness, and scalability.

Unveiling the MicroBT M40 410 TH/S: A Technological Marvel

Cutting-Edge Features of the MicroBT M40 410 TH/S

Discover the outstanding characteristics that distinguish the MicroBT M40 from its rivals. We go deeply into the cutting-edge technology that makes this mining device a force to be reckoned with, from its potent hash rate to its cutting-edge cooling system.

Maximizing Returns: Tips and Strategies for MicroBT M40 410 TH/S Owners

Optimal Mining Settings for MicroBT M40 410 TH/S

Discover the ideal MicroBT M40 410 TH/S settings to gain the highest performance and financial success. We offer detailed instructions and professional advice on optimizing your mining settings so you can get the most out of this potent device.

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